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Christmas Gift Guide 2019 (TOP 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her or Him)

Christmas Gift Guide 2019 (TOP 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her or Him)

Choosing a holiday gift for your loved one becomes more and more difficult. You want the gift to be special and also something that the person has always wanted. However, do not worry, there are many ideas that you can try out and I will share my favorites in this article. 

1) Choose a Gift That She/He Wouldn’t Buy for Themselves

Let me tell you something. The very best gift is a treat which is a little bit pricier than you would want to spend. For example, a coupon to a SPA, where she would be pampered. Is it a thing that most people enjoy and need? Yes. Are there usually other expenses that are more important? Also, yes. When you are choosing a gift for somebody you love, finding something that they want but simply do not feel ready to spend money on is the best gift ever. 

A very similar idea is to give a high-quality home SPA collection. This packet could include face masks, lavender essential oil, fluffy towels, cozy slippers, a warm bathrobe, rose petals, body scrub, a really nice letter from you, a book from the author she/he loves, a bottle of wine, and the list goes on and on. 


2) Get Top Quality Jewelry 

Jewelry is another thing that most women can never have enough. Especially, high-quality jewelry. From bracelets to earrings, minimalist jewelry will win their hearts. However, choose wisely because this will definitely show how well you know her. Check her photos or simply remember what kind of jewelry she usually wears. Is it minimalist, classical or does she like a more edgy look? Either way, check out our store for the best quality handmade jewellery created in France. 


3) Check Sentimental Gifts 

There is one thing for sure that never gets old - the gifts that you put in your thought and effort. Whether you choose this section as an additional gift or the main one, finding a way to show your loved ones that you care about them is what giving gifts are all about. 

One of the best ways to create a truly meaningful gift is to print out their photos in some kind of shape or form. From albums to cups, you can find a way to surprise them. If you want to go a step even further, leave cute comments next to the photos. Share some of your most treasured memories. I can promise you they will be nicely surprised. 

4) Spend Time Together

In our day and age, there is nothing more valuable than spending meaningful quality time together. This is the time when you are so involved in the activity that you disconnect from the rest of the world. Create coupons with different ideas on how you could spend time together. For example, you could organise a fun picnic or make dinner in the candlelight. You could also suggest doing something that you wouldn’t normally do, for example, go skydiving or sign up for a dance class. 


5) Remember All the Gifts That They Gave You

Most people give gifts that they would like to receive. For example, if somebody is giving a book, maybe they love reading themselves and simply find the books interesting. People who love sentimental gifts would probably have their hearts melted if you did something similar. 


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