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Before and after of free mobile lightroom presets by


Free Mobile Lightroom Presets Before and after images. Examples and Title picture.

People quite often ask me how I edit my photos on my Instagram. Everyone wants to get those bright and crispy colors that make a perfect Instagram picture. The answer is actually simple - I use Lightroom presets or so-called advanced  filters to edit my Instagram photos. Lightroom Presets allow me to get professional looking pictures in less time while enhancing the quality of my work. They make life easier and I think Lightroom Presets are an essential tool for every blogger on Instagram who wants to have a cohesive beautiful feed . All my presets are available for sale but I also created a special Free Mobile Lightroom Preset that you can download here and try out on your photos by yourself for absolutely free!

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All you have to do is to download a free Lightroom CC app on your phone and apply the preset. I've written a short tutorial at the end of this article on how to install the Free Presets just using your phone! Trust me, after the first try, you will be able to install the presets in the blink of an eye. 

Just take a look at this photo below which was edited with my Free Mobile Lightroom Preset. One-click makes a whole lot of a difference. The photo is brighter, sharper, warmer, and with more details. 

What is the Main Difference Between Desktop and Mobile Presets? 

The main difference between mobile and desktop presets is that one of them can be used on your mobile and the other one on your laptop. Mobile presets are great because they only need a free version of a Lightroom App that you can easily download on your iPhone or Android. The desktop version has more features but you have to pay for the Lightroom program. 

I personally like mobile presets because they allow me to edit my photos on the go and they are best to edit phone pictures for my Instagram stories and feed. When I am traveling, the last thing I want to do is to spend hours editing my shots. Being able to just click a button and have my photo ready to post on Instagram feels great. 

Are You Ready to Get Inspired for Your Next Photoshoot? 

Let me share a couple of Before and After created with these free presets. 

Cheers photo with pretty view

Check out this photo of the two wine glasses. The wine glasses look good but the general feeling of the photo is pretty dark and dull. Now, take a look at the photo after applying the preset: 

wine glasses cheering

Look how the colors of the glasses improved. Also, the image is brighter and sharper. You get a cheerful feeling immediately. Your eyes are immediately drawn into the wine glasses, who are the real superstars of this photo. 

What are the Main Features of These Free Presets? 

These Lightroom presets are perfect for mobile shots but not only and they create realistic looking photos with just the right amount of color. 

beautiful woman posing in paris

Get Free Mobile Lightroom Presets right now!


How to install Free Mobile Lightroom Presets? 

To install the presets, first, make sure to download Free Adobe Lightroom Mobile App. 

1. Open the email you received from me (don't forget to add me in Contacts! xo) and tap on DOWNLOAD button.

Open email to install prests

2. The button will open the Google Drive folder where you can see my free mobile lightroom presets. Choose the preset you would like to install first.

Choosing the mobile preset from Google Drive folder

3. Then save the free mobile preset you want by 'tap&hold'. 

Saving the dng image to camera roll

4. The pop-up will show up. Tap OK to save the preset to your Camera Roll.

Saving dng file to camera roll

5. Then go to your Lightroom App and import free mobile preset to it from Camera Roll.

Importing mobile preset to adobe lightroom on iphone

Importing mobile prest to adobe lightroom

choosing the mobile preset from camera roll

6. On the top right tap on the three buttons and Create Preset.

creating preset by tapping on three dots adobe lightroom

creating mobile preset in adobe lightroom app

7. Now you can name the mobile preset. You can choose a mobile preset group if you want to.

changing name of the improted preset and checking all the boxes

You are all set! Follow the same steps to install other mobile Lightroom presets.

presets added to Lightroom message

To apply the free mobile preset on your photo simply upload it to your Lightroom, and choose the preset by tapping on Presets button.

apply mobile presets in adobe lightroom mobile

Success! Download my special Free Mobile Lightroom Presets right now!


Shop my Presets collections here! More than 5 million people already liked them on Instagram!

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